Universal Business Academia

This a platform where doors of Business opportunities are opened through information and education, as well as equipping potentials to work through those doors.

Business Academy

The Academy offers educational platforms and opportunities for students, professionals, and companies to explore new frontiers in academic qualifications, businesses, projects, and investments by partnering with universities, special training institutes, and companies across the globe.

As an accredited Education Counsellor, the Academy offers logistic services, and recruits potential and eligible applicants on behalf of partner schools, institutions, agencies, and companies.  

This platform also enables doors of Business opportunities through information, education, as well as equipping potentials students and applicants by organizing training, events, and certified studies in collaboration with Business Academies and associated institutions.  

Here is what we learn...

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Robotics
  • Business Regulatory Compliance
  • Tourism | Business & Hotel Management and Culinary
  • SMART Agribusiness

Universal Diplomats Youth Entrepreneurs

John Locke (1632-1704) says “The Business of Education is not to make the young perfect in any one of the sciences, but so to open and dispose of their minds as may best make them capable of any, when they shall apply themselves to it.”

As an entrepreneurial and network hub, working with experienced and professional from selected sectors, this scheme provides opportunities for upcoming business minds to acquire needful practical information, knowledge, skills, and connections to function in the field of entrepreneurship.

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